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The Harvey Milk Interviews:
In His Own Words
by Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk was named "one of the 100 most important people of the twentieth century" by Time Magazine. His life and work have inspired millions of people around the world. The Harvey Milk Interviews: In His Own Words is the first book in which Milk explains his strategies, struggles, and dreams in his own words.

The Harvey Milk Interviews provides 39 interviews spanning Milk's political career from his first days as an unskilled candidate in 1973 to shortly before his assassination in 1978. They are linked by biographical passages and arranged chronologically so we see Milk's thoughts changing over time, both his political ideas and his concept of himself.

Interviews include transcripts from three famous debates in which Milk and John Briggs brawl over the notorious Proposition 6 Briggs Initiative.

Milk’s best interviews also expose his personal qualities. His unrehearsed, unguarded conversations give us a first-hand connection with Milk’s sense of humor, anger over injustice, and love of dramatic confrontation. Within these interviews, none of which have ever been published in a book before, we find much of significance which is preserved nowhere else.

This is also the first book to present a chronology providing correct dates of the events that shaped Milk’s life, and the only catalog of the “blizzard” of legislative activities Milk initiated while in office.

Harvey Milk's unrehearsed, unguarded conversations are a groundbreaking treasure trove for anyone wanting a deeper understanding of who Harvey Milk was as a person and how he inspired the world.

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35 photographs, 360 pages. Trade hardcover edition publication date May 1, 2012, Hardcover ISBN 978-0-9725898-8-8

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