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Jack London's Before Adam Battles:
The Media Frenzy Over His
"Most Unfortunate Book"

edited by Vince Emery

Table of Contents

Quick Guide: How to Enjoy This Unusual Book

Part One: Paved with Good Intentions

Part Two: September - October 1906: The Gathering Storm

Part Three: October - December 1906: Jack London on Trial

Part Four: January - February 1907: Scattered Skirmishes

Part Five: March 1907: All-Out Assault

Part Six: April - May 1907: Jack London Runs Dry

Part Seven: June 1907 - March 1908: A Literary Scab

Part Eight: April - December 1908: The Battle for Britain

Part Nine: 1909 - Today: Will It Never End?


Appendix I: Ab vs. Adam

Appendix II: Before Adam Pull Quotes

Further Reading: An Opinionated Guide


Index of Writers and Their Works

Index of Publications by Country and State

About Editor Vince Emery

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First edition, second printing (corrected).
348 pages. 26 photographs and illustrations.
Trade paperback edition publication date August 21, 2021, $29.95 U.S./$35.95 Canada, ISBN 978-0-9855053-5-6

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